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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The End of WiT

I have a big problem with the way that L'Engle ended a Wrinkle in Time. I think that it isn't so much the fact that love is the anwser to defeating IT that bothered me. The writing was too simple, it was too convienent for her and too easy to destroy IT in the writing. L'Engle does a great job of using her voice to portray complex ideas in simple ways, but this is a terrible oversimplification. It left me thinking that the book on the whole was corny.
The book on the whole, I think, is a commentary on the downfall of civilization, and more specifically on loss of humanity. The dark things are symbolic of the growing evil and apathy towards evil is what helps IT grow. In this view, love is something that would combat such an evil. A problem I see is that Meg is not the only one that loves Charles Wallace and yet it is only her that confronts IT; furthermore, if IT could be defeated by love then wouldn't the love of the entire group be more powerful than just Meg and Charles?
L'Engle should have spent more time developing the idea that love is what defeats IT. The book ends too abruptly for a concept like love to be fully rationalized.


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