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Monday, April 17, 2006

Too Old

Something that has concerned me about the end of Prince Caspian is the fact that Aslan tells Peter and Susan that they are too old to come back to Narnia ever again. It seems like Peter Pan in some ways, where the lost boys are forever young, but in Narnia there are adult as well as child heroes. Furthermore, near the end of LWW the four children have already grown into adulthood before they are reverted to childhood by returing through the wardrobe.
Another concern that I have about Caspian is that Lewis makes a point of it in chapter 12 to mention how Prince Caspian was bitten by the werewolf creature. I am not an expert in mythology by any means, but I do recall that if you are bitten by a werewolf you become one yourself after the next full moon. It is important in the story to have Caspian out of the fight with Miraz so that Peter could be in the battle, but Lewis seems to have forgotten or ignored the awful existance that Caspian should have experienced as a werewolf. I think that this may be the plot for my fairytale if I choose to write my own; what happened to Caspian as a werewolf?


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