Lewis vs. L'Engle

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

pat and yasmins essays

Pat: I think Pat's essay was an interesting commentary on the book. I don't think that his thesis was very striking because it was almost a mere personality assesment of the characters. It worked out pretty well that he was able to compare two Christian writers' manifestations Christian virtues in their main characters.
Yasmin: She did a very good job of making her story fit into the overall theme of Lewis' chronicles. I think that one of the big ideas in his book is returning problem situations to more peace. While this particular story doesn't deal with good vs. evil as Lewis does, the story does deal with taking a struggling society and righting the problems in it. Yasmin does a good job of even incorporating L'Engle's influence into the work. The one part that this was most obvious to me was when Reepicheep was being hypnotized by the snake and was about to give in when he heard Aslan's voice give him the strength to make the right decision and break the spell. Likewise, Meg is about to give in to IT in Wrinkle in Time when she recalls Mrs. Whatsit's voice telling her that she is loved. That helps her to shake ITs spell and rescue Charles Wallace.


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