Lewis vs. L'Engle

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wind in the Door

I found the same problem in this book that I did in the last one. L'Engle is very good at creating complex problems for her characters to get into, but just like in A Wrinkle in Time, L'Engle solves the 1st trial for Meg with love. L'Engle should try and mix up the solutions to her problems some because I think that really makes her writing boring if you know that every problem is going to be solved the same way. I did find it creative that Meg was able to identify and recognize the only real Mr. Jenkins because he was the only one that was human enough to make mistakes.
Lewis does a much better job of teaching in his stories. He has multiple problems arise with different solutions each time. The plotlines to each of his Cronicles is very different from the other. That is not to say that all of L'Engle's books are the same exactly, but I find that she simplifies her problem solution structure too much. It's always good versus evil and she makes such wide distinctions between them like creating the Black thing which is an embodiment of evil, or the ecthroi which is an embodiment of evil. There isn't the range of character types that there are in Narnia. Even in Narnia, there are characters that appear evil that are really good, like the fox that helps them escape from the chasing wolves, and Mr Tummnus who changes sides. Also in Narnia, Edmund starts out as an evil character by choice, there is no such human evils present in L'Engle's work.


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