Lewis vs. L'Engle

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

zarin on lengle

I want to comment on something I read in Zarin's article on L'Engle: the article says that when A Wrinkle in Time was published, many publishers stayed away from publishing it because they thought it would be too controversial because they believed that Charles Wallace was a Christ-like figure.
I find this to be very odd that they would think so. I would argue that he is definately not Christ-like for a few reasons. First, Jesus never succombed to the temptations before him and always refused to test Gods stregnth just for the sake of proving it. Charles Wallace was so arrogant in his own strength that he thought he could easily overpower the Man with the Red Eyes and it. second, L'Engle never makes any statement that Charles Wallace is divine at all, if anything he is more like an X-Men or a comic book hero because he has these superhuman mental skills. and Third, there is no mention or parallel to the Easter story. Charles Wallace never dies, and certainly is never ressurected in a Wrinkle in Time.
Charles does have a few Christlike characteristics however. He is differrent than any other person that has ever lived. He is supposedly going to save the universe some day. But in general, I think that while although there are definately Christian themes in the book, Charles Wallace is not one of them.


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